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Szymon Kulec

Co-founder & Board Member

Software Architect • Trainer • Microsoft MVP

He incorporates a unique combination of Software Architecture and Performance Engineer. With his broad knowledge of modern architecture principles, distributed systems, as well as his deep understanding of performance principles he makes every allocation fear for its existence.

He never allocates before noon!

Łukasz Pyrzyk logo

Łukasz Pyrzyk

Co-founder & Board Member

Software Architect • Microsoft MVP

Passionate about systems requiring high availability and performance, a fan of cloud solutions and an enthusiast of low-level programming. A long-time and respected member of the .NET community in Poland and the Wrocław-based .NET group.

Konrad Kokosa logo

Konrad Kokosa

Co-founder & Board Member

NET Architect • Trainer • Microsoft MVP

Author of prodotnetmemory.com book, performance and Mechanical Sympathy fan and Software Craftsman! Programming for over a dozen years, solving performance problems, diagnostic puzzles and also supports teams in creating solutions based on good architecture.

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Paulina Snarska


Interested in all things geek, loves to write and help others! Whenever you have a question, she’s the person you need.